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danny lane

1955 | usa
danny lane

Danny Lane was born in Urbana, Illinois in 1955. He moved to maine in 1975 to study with patrick reyntiens, an artist working in stained glass. He went on to study painting at byam shaw school of art (1975-77), then joined the painting course being taught by cecil collins at the central school of art (1977-80).

Lane's work combines monumental and brutal physicality. His use of stacked and fractured glass, twisted or rusted steel, combined with his strong belief in the metaphysical and transcendental qualities of art. Refractive and reflective qualities of the material are used to challenge expectations, engaging the viewer in a physical and metaphysical dialogue whilst exploiting the strength of glass under compression and combining feats of design and engineering to produce work, breathtaking in its apparent simplicity. His london studio is equipped to create works of considerable scale in glass, wood and steel.

Danny Lane works frequently on a commission basis, both nationally and internationally and his work belongs to museums, private and corporate collections world wide. Important projects include a balustrade of stacked glass for the glass gallery at the victoria and albert museum, london (1994); Parting of the waves, two kinetic glass walls, canary wharf, london (2001); Borealis undulating curtain of luminous glass. general motors, us (2005). Site specific works as opening line (2004. gateshead, UK) and assembly field (2006. National assembly for wales, cardiff, uk) are inspired by and re-draw their surroundings through the manipulation of space and light. On a large or small scale, lane's work redefines architectural space.


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