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piero bottoni

1903 - 1973 | italie
piero bottoni

Piero Bottoni was an Italian architect.He was born in 1903 in Milan where he graduated in 1926 at the Politecnico.

He had great planning interest, from architecture to town planning, restoration, set up, design and furniture, in a deep relationship with arts. He was one of the Rationalism leading figure; from 1929 to 1949 Italian delegate in International Congresses of Modern Architecture ; in 1933 he took part to the Carta di Atene's editing (that's to say the rationalist town planning's manifesto) and in the same year he was one of the "Quadrante" review's supporter. In 30's he took part to various important architecture and town planning contests: he was active in all the Triennale di Milano manifestations during the same years with some projects about rational house while he carried on his care on new furniture solution research.

Between 1936 and 1937 he took part in the general development plan for Conca Breuil in the Aosta valley under the direction of Adriano Olivetti. In 1944-1945 he compiled with other representatives May countries of the rationalism the plan A.R. for Milan and it was again in 1945 of the Comitato di liberazione nazionale Alta Italia the extraordinary commissioner of the May countries Triennale appointed, in their framework it itself with the creation of the new residential area of accomodation Ottava Triennale (QT8 - one of the future-pointing populating areas at the outskirts of a town).
After 50's he was coworker at different general development plans, so for Vignola, Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena, Mantova, Senigallia, S. Gimignano, Sesto S. Giovanni, Brescia, Siena, Breuil, Ferrara, Marina di Pisa, Verbania and San Remo.

During the last decades his pedagogical vocation, that always marked his work, carried him to a more direct care in teaching (something that the fascist period had hampered).
Bottoni died in Milan in 1973.

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