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julian pastorino

1970 | argentine
julian pastorino

Julian Pastorino, born in Buenos Aires in '70. He graduated in Industrial Design '96, at Universidad de Buenos Aires. In '97 he moved to Milan. Starts a long collaboration with Centro Studi Alessi. Works also with Alejandro Ruiz and Matteo Thun. Julian works with Cecilia Suarez, born in Buenos Aires in '71. She graduated in Industrial Design '96, at Universidad de Buenos Aires. In '99 she moved to Milan. She worked for Atelier Bellini and DesignNetwork, working in projects of furniture design, corporate image and interior design.

Work-mates as well as life-mates, in 2001, they take inspiration from many expressive sources, from music to trips, as well as from the influences transmitted by their birth place, Argentina, which provided a dynamic and mixed culture that is present in their projects.
Their work is signed by a strong communication through form, seeking for new typologies, new skeletons that structure new species of objects.

They run their studio in Milan since 2001, taking comissions in the fields of product design, furniture and lighting design, interior design (hotel, retail, private) and graphic design.

From 2001 to 2003 they took part of Hall designers collective, exhibiting personal research projects in Milan and New York during the Salone del Mobile an the ICFF fairs.

They collaborated for Alessi, Casamania by Frezza, Covo, Koziol and FONTANAARTE among others.

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